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WW Blueberry- Apple Pancakes

so it was 4 o’ clock and i decided that it was pancake time. so I made these pancakes. WARNING- if you don’t like whole wheat, turn back now.

blueberry- apple pancakes

with almond butter and black cherries. and of course, it has to be on my favorite pancake plate.

with almond butter and cherries



1 1/4c ww flour

1tsp baking powder

1tsp cinnamon

3/4c applesauce (i use unsweetened)

1c some type of milk

1/4c egg white (or you could use an egg or two, though i’ve never done it that way)

1/2c water (a tiny bit shy)

gently fold about 1/2c small blueberries  into the batter after you mix it.

cook like a pancake, however they taste very good kind of half- done. these pancakes are rather dense, but that’s how i like them!


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Sweet and Spicy salad

sweet and spicy salad

I happen to actually really like salads, breakfast, lunch or dinner, and i also happen to be very good at putting a bunch of different things in a bowl. this salad is sweet with strawberries,  1/2 an apple and raspberry vinegarIt is spicy w/ salsa and peppers. the fruit and veggies  of this bowl are pea pods, 1/2 apple, spinach, and a few small peppers. I also put in 1/2 a black of firm tofu and 1/2c black beans for protein, and some spicy salsa and the raspberry vinegar last to finish it. Very good summer salad.

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Lunch and my Giant Oatmeal Cookie


Tad bit more creative at lunch today: Veggies w/ chicken and a little rice vinegar. whole wheat macaroni and cheese (for Monique!), vanilla hazelnut soy latte (this is no an endorsement for Starbucks!), and my specialty: giant oatmeal chocolate chip cookie! the latte I get all whippy by heating the soymilk in a seperate mug and beating it with a handwhisk (rolling the whisk back and forth between my palms) before adding to the coffee and syrup (davinci is the best, but hard to find).

Oatmeal biscuits/ cookies are a staple for me. in a cereal bowl, I put 5T egg whites, 2T orange juice, cinnamon, usually a packet of splenda, and 1/2c rolled oats. for add-ins I Put chocolate chips today, but I also really like choped nuts and raisins. mix the ingredients and pop it in the microwave for about a minute (depending on your microwave), or until it turns semi- solid, so that you can pop it out onto a plate. I like to dip it in my coffee.

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Autumn breakfast bowl


Lately i’ve been craving two things, sweet and burritos- don’t ask. so this morning, i made another amazing breakfast bowl.  I started w/ 1/2c cottage cheese, 3/4c canned pumpkin (puree preferably), 1/4c maple syrup, raisins, and chopped almonds. I mixed this well and microwaved it. I then added 1/2c Kashi GoLean cereal, and microwaved it a little more (this gives it a chewier consistency and extra protein). At last I put 1/2c of maple granola and a dash of cinnamon on top. Oh man, it was good!

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Bad for good


God works for the good of those who love Him, using bad for good. It’s often very hard to see why things happens, but today i believe God used bad for good. I woke up feeling very crappy, depressed, weepy, etc. so as a result of this i ditched my schoolwork and convinced my mom to just take me OUT of the house. We ran some errands and then ended up at Future Track run shop, where I found a pair of running shoes! I’m going the exact opposite direction of what i’ve tried before, with stability shoes, orthodics, and trying to “correct” my overpronation. I’ve been doing a little barefoot running, and these new shoes (asics) are very minimalist shoes, weighing close to nothing, not even having arch supports. I’ll tell you, the natural human running form changes drastically when you put a big bulky, heel- enforced shoe on your foot. I did a very short easy jog/ run w/ Monique today at the park to try out my new shoes. It feels like running barefoot, which is cool. I hope these are the shoes God intends for me to have. It felt so good just to get out!

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I crave burritos!!

Another burrito

I’m sorry that my camera doesn’t take the best pix. anyway, today i had a terrible craving for a burrito, and since it is way too expensive to buy one from say, Sharkey’s, I made my own. this is a whole wheat wrap w/ the remainder of the spicy refried beans and then mushed black beans, avocado, corn, green onion, shredded mozzarella, and lots of salsa. then microwave it of course. I like burritos w/ plain yogurt, because it tastes very similar to sour cream.

I actually had started to eat it, which you can probably see, but then decided to cut it open for a picture (that sounds rather strange out of context). I tend to be an all- or- nothing person, so i made a very big burrito, which isn’t very apparent in the picture, but still my brother felt the need to ask if i was going to eat the whole thing- dumb question, dumb question…     >:D  too bad i was still hungry after…

ok… i like that plate.  so what?

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Cheese Danish Pancakes!

Cheese Danish pancakes

After claims on a recipe that their pancakes tasted like cheese danishes, i tried it and was disappointed to find out that-THEY LIED! so i was excited to take up the challenge to formulate an easy pancake recipe that tastes just like a cheese danish- but much healthier. I was even more excited when i took the first bite of my experiment and found great success! These pack a ton of protein! Make them right, and they actually do taste like cheese danishes.

In a bowl, with a hand whisk, whip:

1/2c reduced fat cream cheese

1 1/2 tsp pure lemon juice

1tsp vanilla extract

1 large egg yolk (save the white in a seperate bowl for later)

set mixture aside.

In a blender, blend well:

1c rolled oats

1c cottage cheese

1/2c egg whites

1/4c any type of milk (I used soymilk)

1 average- sized banana;  freeze the banana overnight (make sure you peel it before freezing it) first, then fully thaw it in the microwave before adding it to the blender; the freezing changes its consistency.

pour the blender’s contents onto a pancake skillet like you would normal pancakes; the batter makes about 8 medium- size panckes. while each pancake is cooking on the first side, place an equal spoonful of the cream cheese mixture into the middle of the raw side of each pancake before flipping them. this may require some  mad skillz.

please don’t try to cook these until they are “done” in the middle, because they don’t have flour, it isn’t going to happen- you’ll just burn them. they are supposed to be a little “gooey.” Who likes fluffy cheese danishes anyways. I would also add that i strongly recommend using Philadelphia cream cheese, especially if your going to use fat free. I once made them w/ the cheaper store brand and they were nowhere near as good.

I just put maple syrup on mine, because the pancakes have so much of their own flavor. you can get creative. maybe cherries would be good- like a cherry- cheese danish (hmm?) ENJOY!

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