I crave burritos!!

Another burrito

I’m sorry that my camera doesn’t take the best pix. anyway, today i had a terrible craving for a burrito, and since it is way too expensive to buy one from say, Sharkey’s, I made my own. this is a whole wheat wrap w/ the remainder of the spicy refried beans and then mushed black beans, avocado, corn, green onion, shredded mozzarella, and lots of salsa. then microwave it of course. I like burritos w/ plain yogurt, because it tastes very similar to sour cream.

I actually had started to eat it, which you can probably see, but then decided to cut it open for a picture (that sounds rather strange out of context). I tend to be an all- or- nothing person, so i made a very big burrito, which isn’t very apparent in the picture, but still my brother felt the need to ask if i was going to eat the whole thing- dumb question, dumb question…     >:D  too bad i was still hungry after…

ok… i like that plate.  so what?


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