Lunch and my Giant Oatmeal Cookie


Tad bit more creative at lunch today: Veggies w/ chicken and a little rice vinegar. whole wheat macaroni and cheese (for Monique!), vanilla hazelnut soy latte (this is no an endorsement for Starbucks!), and my specialty: giant oatmeal chocolate chip cookie! the latte I get all whippy by heating the soymilk in a seperate mug and beating it with a handwhisk (rolling the whisk back and forth between my palms) before adding to the coffee and syrup (davinci is the best, but hard to find).

Oatmeal biscuits/ cookies are a staple for me. in a cereal bowl, I put 5T egg whites, 2T orange juice, cinnamon, usually a packet of splenda, and 1/2c rolled oats. for add-ins I Put chocolate chips today, but I also really like choped nuts and raisins. mix the ingredients and pop it in the microwave for about a minute (depending on your microwave), or until it turns semi- solid, so that you can pop it out onto a plate. I like to dip it in my coffee.


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