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Vegan Banana Coffee Cake

banana cake 001

banana cake 002

Here’s a recipe I tried from I’m NOWHERE close to being vegan, but I happen to like vegan dishes. My dad had two pieces the day I made it, and i also think it’s pretty good. Will make again. Recipe Link:

I used about 2-3T of Purevia (Stevia) instead of the Turbinado sugar, I only used one (normal sized) banana, and that was plenty. I also used regular plain yogurt, soymilk, and nixed the salt. It really is like pudding cake if you try to eat it hot. I recommend chilling it in the fridge before serving.


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Accidental rice pudding concoction

rice pudding I haven’t been feeling particularly creative for a while, and haven’t been buying as many groceries (cuz they are about a million bucks!) to cook with. I was just throwing a bunch of stuff in a bowl and I ended up with what is an accidental rice pudding.

1/2c no-salt-added cottage cheese

3T syrup (whatever kind u want, I used SF pancake syrup)/ liquid sweetener (in the picture i put 1/4c, but since it’s a little too liquidy, try the 3T)

raisins (like one of those tiny, baby boxes of em)

1/4c cold brown rice (good get-rid-of for leftovers)

cinnamon and nutmeg to taste.

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Turkey and blueberries w/ balsamic

this is exactly what it sounds like. simple, nutritious, yummy.

strawberry battle entry

I really like Columbus Turkey breast! Balsamic is also very good on all sorts of fruit, bringing out the sweetness of the fruit. I also reccommend it w/ strawberries.

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choc-ban-coffee smoothie

choc-ban-coff this morning’s smoothie (actually only 2 this time) was this:

That utensil is AWESOME, It has a fork, knife AND spoon!

I also formulated a different  smoothie like this one:

one frozen, partially thawed nanner

5-6 large frozen strawberries

1/2c frozen blueberries

1cup plain yogurt

4T chocolate syrup

1T decaf coffee grounds

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Pumpkin French Toast

pumpkin french toast

I like breakfast foods, often for breakfast, lunch, second lunch, and dinner. today for lunch I made pumpkin french toast w/ 1/2 a peach on top and maple syrup. this isn’t an original idea however. I saw the idea of pumpkin french toast on another blog, and (not following any particular recipe) formulated my own.

in two shallow plates, in each one i put:

1 whole egg

2T egg white

1T orange juice

1/4c pumpkin puree

tiny bit of vanilla extract (maybe it was about 1/4- 1/2 tsp?)

few pinches of pumpkin pie spice

few dashes of cinnamon

I soaked two pieces of bread in each dish and cooked them on a big pancake skillet. There was much excess of the pumpkin mixture, so i had to keep adding a little on top of each piece and turning them repeatedly to cook it evenly. Don’t leave these on the pan very long, or they’ll burn because of the pumpkin. I reccomend flipping each piece multiple times.

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I had to do it.


Here’s one reason why the Lord is good.

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Salmon Salad plate

Salmon plate

the middle is a salmon salad (3oz canned salmon, 1/2c brown rice, 1/4c plain yogurt, and a sprig of chopped green onion; mixed). On a bed of romaine lettuce and spinach, it is rayed by peach slices, raspberries, celery, tomato, a couple spoonfulls of cottage cheese, a heap of avocado, a drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette, and a halved asparagus spear. I am a big fan of this canned salmon sold at Costco (check under product favorites tab), and often eat it plain out of the can.

In the little white ceramic cup is hot green tea.

Tj's bran muffin

accompanied by a nice and warm Trader Joe’s (cranberry, blueberry, mango)bran muffin. yum.

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