Spicy Omelet Oats

omelet oats

Ok, ok! So i just realized that this actually looks pretty gross- but it tasted amazing! so here are the amazing omelet oats:

i cooked 1/2c rolled oats on the stove in 1/2c water and 1/2c milk (i used almond milk), while it is cooking, add 2T of a spicy salsa,  1/4c egg white (i did this for extra protein and consistency), and some chopped spinach. cook ’til desire consistency. put oats in bowl. I topped it with a slice of soy cheddar cheese, 1/4c (regular) shredded mozzarella cheese, and a sunny-side-up egg. Poke the yolk so that it is all runny into the oats. Really, I know how disgusting it may look, but it was very good! if you dished it up w/ a corn tortilla, it’d almost be like juevos rancheros… maybe you could prepare it w/ part cornmeal, then it would be…. maybe next time i’ll make dem Juevos Rancheros in a bowl.

Once again- looks gross- tastes great! :p

I also had a big ‘ol summer salad w/ red wine and raspberry vinegar summer salad


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    Justrun4fun said,

    I don’t think it looks gross at all! Actually, that egg on top looks so pretty! I love melted cheese… I really need to try this!

    And that summer salad is GORGEOUS! I just like looking at your pictures 🙂

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