Pumpkin French Toast

pumpkin french toast

I like breakfast foods, often for breakfast, lunch, second lunch, and dinner. today for lunch I made pumpkin french toast w/ 1/2 a peach on top and maple syrup. this isn’t an original idea however. I saw the idea of pumpkin french toast on another blog, and (not following any particular recipe) formulated my own.

in two shallow plates, in each one i put:

1 whole egg

2T egg white

1T orange juice

1/4c pumpkin puree

tiny bit of vanilla extract (maybe it was about 1/4- 1/2 tsp?)

few pinches of pumpkin pie spice

few dashes of cinnamon

I soaked two pieces of bread in each dish and cooked them on a big pancake skillet. There was much excess of the pumpkin mixture, so i had to keep adding a little on top of each piece and turning them repeatedly to cook it evenly. Don’t leave these on the pan very long, or they’ll burn because of the pumpkin. I reccomend flipping each piece multiple times.


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  1. 1

    platipus329 said,

    Mmmm that looks good. I’ve been meaning to make french toast recently, and this looks so much better than plain cinnamon and vanilla. And I can totally relate–breakfast foods are the only foods I need to be happy.

  2. 2

    runcaitrun said,

    That looks divine! Thank you for posting a recipe, I think I’m going to give it a try soon.

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