3vil Carrot Soup

Carrot soup

I’m excited cuz we got a better camera! yay!

Anyway, I call this soup an evil (with a 3) carrot soup because this was the most intensive and frustrating thing i’ve ever made (but it probably won’t be for you). Reason why it was like that is because i had t try to make it without a blender or food processor (so guess who got to try to “puree” 2lbs of vegetables by hand!?) I just spent a very great deal of time chopping and chopping and chopping with a knife until it was as fine as i could get it. You may be able to use a food processor, unless you want it to be kinda chunky.

I based this soup off of this recipe:


here’s what I did:

1.5 lbs baby carrots

6oz sweet red peppers

2 big sprigs of green onion

2c water

2T olive oil

1/5c reduced (not salt- free) sodium chicken broth

1tsp cinnamon (it came out very cinnamon-y)

few dashes of nutmeg

1/4c plain yogurt

follow the recipe accordingly, with whatever you’de like. I actually stirred in the yogurt at the end, add more for a creamier taste. Eat it with an orange spoon please.


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