The cheater’s custard

egg custard I was scrounging around the kitchen looking for some protein- no meat was to found. so i pulled out the remainder of the egg whites, threw some stuff in there and microwaved it. to my surprise, it tasted almost like a sweet custard, but way faster to make. try about 2 minutes.

In a cereal bowl (decent sized, cuz it puffs up in the microwave before settling), i put 1/2- 3/4C of egg whites (depending on how much protein your looking for, that would be 12 grams versus 18 grams), maybe about 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon, 2 Tablespoons of orange juice (surprise!), and a teaspoon of sweetener (sugar, stevia, or splenda). I might try subbing a little of the OJ for some vanilla extract, but I don’t currently have any. mix it and microwave for about 1.5-2 minutes (be wise, depending on the might of your microwave!); You do not want to over cook it, it’s good if it still has a little liquid when you put it onto a plate. new staple of mine lately.


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    Evan Thomas said,

    Interesting. I definitely wouldn’t have thought to do this. How much egg white do you get out of a large egg?

    • 2

      redeemedbyblood said,

      I wouldn’t reccomend cracking a bunch of eggs for the whites, but if you do, on a side note: did you know you should scrape out the insides of the egg shell? alot of the white sticks after cracking. whites wastage is a peeve of mine. ; p i highly recommend buying a carton of egg whites at the grocery store.

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