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I had to do it.


Here’s one reason why the Lord is good.


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A breath of (not so fresh) air!

giraffe Ok, so I only put the giraffe for visual interest. It most likely wouldn’t be very good for eats (you’de be hard pressed there). I want to thank and praise the Lord that this evening I was able to run 2 easy- breezy, glorious miles on the treadmill! I did the first wearing my shoes, and the second barefoot. It felt so good, I ran faster than ever, and it didn’t hurt!  I really want to run outside, but the cross country practices are a huge IF. I had very little pain today, which is encouraging.

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Bad for good


God works for the good of those who love Him, using bad for good. It’s often very hard to see why things happens, but today i believe God used bad for good. I woke up feeling very crappy, depressed, weepy, etc. so as a result of this i ditched my schoolwork and convinced my mom to just take me OUT of the house. We ran some errands and then ended up at Future Track run shop, where I found a pair of running shoes! I’m going the exact opposite direction of what i’ve tried before, with stability shoes, orthodics, and trying to “correct” my overpronation. I’ve been doing a little barefoot running, and these new shoes (asics) are very minimalist shoes, weighing close to nothing, not even having arch supports. I’ll tell you, the natural human running form changes drastically when you put a big bulky, heel- enforced shoe on your foot. I did a very short easy jog/ run w/ Monique today at the park to try out my new shoes. It feels like running barefoot, which is cool. I hope these are the shoes God intends for me to have. It felt so good just to get out!

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Pain praise

I praise God for every step that He allows me to take! For the past few weeks, I have been increasingly able to walk without pain, and was even able to spend an entire afternoon walking around town with a friend of mine. My legs feel as though they are much stronger than they have been in the past few months and all swelling in my knees has gone away. I can even run a little bit sometimes! I thank God for the healing He has been doing in my body and much appreciate all the prayer!
I am also very grateful to be able to get out mountain biking alot recently, especially with my dad and uncle! I love you Daddy!

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