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Salmon dinner

salmonsalad w/ balsamic vinegar, grilled zuchini and sockeye salmon with fig cream cheese and plum yogurt sauces.


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Balsamic Fruits salad

balsamic fruit salad

ok, so maybe all my salads are starting to look the same- i still love them. I never get tired of good dark spring lettuce mixes. this salad has a diced fig, peach, flaxseed meal, sour cream, and plenty of balsamic (and  little red) vinegar. I love balsamic on everything!

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The Incredibly Bored Ventures of Carropus

Carropus 001

Carropus 002

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Salmon Salad plate

Salmon plate

the middle is a salmon salad (3oz canned salmon, 1/2c brown rice, 1/4c plain yogurt, and a sprig of chopped green onion; mixed). On a bed of romaine lettuce and spinach, it is rayed by peach slices, raspberries, celery, tomato, a couple spoonfulls of cottage cheese, a heap of avocado, a drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette, and a halved asparagus spear. I am a big fan of this canned salmon sold at Costco (check under product favorites tab), and often eat it plain out of the can.

In the little white ceramic cup is hot green tea.

Tj's bran muffin

accompanied by a nice and warm Trader Joe’s (cranberry, blueberry, mango)bran muffin. yum.

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Cheesy pasta and veggie bowl

Picture 003

Groceries are pretty tight right now, so i’ve been trying to take advantage of canned/boxed/frozen foods (ie pantry meals). I wasn’t feeling particularly creative, but I made this big bowl of whole wheat macaroni w/ pasta sauce, green beans, yellow and orange carrots, chicken, and melted provolone cheese. I added garlic, onion powder, and basil as well. And of course, the Fuze drink bought in bulk from Costco.

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Lunch and my Giant Oatmeal Cookie


Tad bit more creative at lunch today: Veggies w/ chicken and a little rice vinegar. whole wheat macaroni and cheese (for Monique!), vanilla hazelnut soy latte (this is no an endorsement for Starbucks!), and my specialty: giant oatmeal chocolate chip cookie! the latte I get all whippy by heating the soymilk in a seperate mug and beating it with a handwhisk (rolling the whisk back and forth between my palms) before adding to the coffee and syrup (davinci is the best, but hard to find).

Oatmeal biscuits/ cookies are a staple for me. in a cereal bowl, I put 5T egg whites, 2T orange juice, cinnamon, usually a packet of splenda, and 1/2c rolled oats. for add-ins I Put chocolate chips today, but I also really like choped nuts and raisins. mix the ingredients and pop it in the microwave for about a minute (depending on your microwave), or until it turns semi- solid, so that you can pop it out onto a plate. I like to dip it in my coffee.

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I crave burritos!!

Another burrito

I’m sorry that my camera doesn’t take the best pix. anyway, today i had a terrible craving for a burrito, and since it is way too expensive to buy one from say, Sharkey’s, I made my own. this is a whole wheat wrap w/ the remainder of the spicy refried beans and then mushed black beans, avocado, corn, green onion, shredded mozzarella, and lots of salsa. then microwave it of course. I like burritos w/ plain yogurt, because it tastes very similar to sour cream.

I actually had started to eat it, which you can probably see, but then decided to cut it open for a picture (that sounds rather strange out of context). I tend to be an all- or- nothing person, so i made a very big burrito, which isn’t very apparent in the picture, but still my brother felt the need to ask if i was going to eat the whole thing- dumb question, dumb question…     >:D  too bad i was still hungry after…

ok… i like that plate.  so what?

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